I will be installing a cast iron neo-angle corner tub (American Radiator & Standard Sanitary) with shower head. I have two questions:

1. Can I place a glass surround on a tub like this? It measures 50" X
50" on the wall. The right angles to the walls measure 36" on the outside.
The diagonal measures 18.5" on the outside.
The flat portions of the top of these outside surrounds are 2".

2. I would like to have the shower head suspended from the ceiling. Can I run the shower head supply line
through unheated (attic) space if I leave some fall in the horizontal (+/- 3') portion of that line? I would
insulate the .5" copper.

I am asking these question because, if I can install a glass surround, I would like to minimize door bumping and direct shower spray contact with the door.


David Williams