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Thread: high voltage power distribution question

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    Default high voltage power distribution question

    My neighborhood has a power substation attached too it and there are some very large poles that carry the power to/from from the substation. Each pole has 3 physically separated wires (like this http://imgur.com/uIuUv.jpg )

    The other day we had a storm that knocked down a bunch of these metal poles leading away from the substation. I noticed that as a temporary solution the power company installed jumper cables connecting the 3 wires (top to mid and mid to btm). When they did this our power was restored (15hrs later). This confused me because I had always thought that the 3 wires were similar to residential wiring amd represented hot, neutral and ground. But this solution appears to show that they are 3 seperate "hot" sources. Can anyone enlighten me, Im a curious guy...
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