I just had the great idea to install a waterfall in my upstairs interior wall. The pump and drain are located 1-floor below in the basement utility room.
I've been having problems with siphoning of the upstairs waterfall drain. Sometimes the drain backs up and overflows (BIG problem), and upon waterfall start-up it will sometimes not start flowing until it gives a great big burp.
My local plumber (great guy!) who installed the unit per manufacturers instructions tells me I need a vent near the upstairs drain. To make a long story short, the only place to vent the drain will be inside the interior wall. He suggests using a mobile-home type vent. The water being vented is always clean and will not emit noxious gases. I am slightly concerned about the potential for mold, so am thinking of putting a screen/air-vent type cover in the wall over the vent to allow for air circulation. I live in arid New Mexico.
Is this a terrible idea or an acceptable solution? Thanks for your expertise.