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Thread: Boy plucked from Wallace Falls

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    Default Boy plucked from Wallace Falls


    The 13-year-old Burien boy who was rescued Sunday from a ledge just feet from 265-foot Wallace Falls said that he's fortunate he walked away from the ordeal with little more than cuts and scrapes on his feet."I feel lucky I got through it all," William Hickman said Monday from his home. "I think the rescuers should feel like heroes; they saved me. I'm lucky to be alive."
    Anyone that has hiked to Wallace Falls knows how scary that must have been. I remember standing at the top of the Falls when the water was lower, and the sheer height of the falls does funny things to your head. I can't imagine being swept down a rapids in the Spring melt-off toward the drop off of the falls. When river rafting, they tell you to go down feet first and feel the rocks coming up at you. They always say to keep your head up so that you don't swim head first into a rock and knock yourself out. This boy remembered this advice from a book that he had read. It saved him big time.

    A look at the falls in late Summer.

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