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Thread: Home remedies that work

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    Default Home remedies that work

    I tried a couple of these, and they did work.

    I walk around work with a half of dozen pencils in my mouth, lol. and, then at holiday time, i just buy the big box from Sam's. I am sure... I got lead poisoning.

    The Lemon Balm. Works. I am susceptible to everything, every disease, yet, there are those who feel they must kiss me on my mouth, and WHAM! a day later, a cold sore which turns in 10 in no time. I buy stock in Lemon Balm.

    New use for Duct tape. Interesting. I don't have warts, thank God, not yet, anyways, lol. I wonder if that works though. Interesting. I will have to find someone with a wart and tape them up. I will ask my co workers. This will delight them.
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    Default Home Remedies that work - Acid Reflux cure with pickles and pickle juice

    I had horrible acid reflux about two months back and searched online at two in the morning for a homemade cure. Pickles and pickle juice kept popping up and since I love pickles I had two and a 1/3 cup of the juice like a vodka shot. It wasn't even ten minutes later and I felt great and was back asleep.

    It works. Try it.


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    Today at work, I was eyeballing up a tree out the window and thought maybe, knawing on the real deal, instead of a wooden pencil would work better, but, I forgot to bring my chainsaw.

    Nothing worse than acid reflux, you got to watch that, too, it can cause bigger & better problems if not taken care of properly. But, your home remedy of pickles I bet would work, because I ate alot of those while expecting. I should had named my first born, Dill.

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