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Thread: Submersible pump in cistern mounting/installation

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    Default Submersible pump in cistern mounting/installation

    What is the best way to install a submersible pump in the cistern? Vertical, horizontal? How do you support it? Will the torque of start/stop cycle loosen connections if pvc is used to connect to the outlet (which is 1" threaded grey pvc)? do you clamp or mount the motor to something or is it held in place by the pipe it is connected to? Any pics or drawings would be great.
    Also, I need to install another inlet into my cistern (concrete). Any recommmendation for technique and equipment.. My existing inlet came from on old spring and is a rusty pipe that I do not trust so I capped it off. Inside it looked like a clogged artery.
    Thank you

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    If the cistern is large enough mount it vertical. If not, horizontal is fine. Big thing is to not let the pump run dry. If that is a concern, use a float to control the pump when it gets in a low water situation or a Pumptec. No attachments to the tank are required. Just tighten the fittings.

    I'm no Mason so I'm not going to be much help on hooking pipes to concrete. I would simply go in the top under the lid somehow.


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    I'm about install a submersible pump in a cistern. We've been using centrifugal pumps and they break often due to running dry and getting wet when priming it etc.

    I asked around and was told about these submersible pumps. I will pick it up tomorrow but I'm not sure how to install it, does anybody has a picture of a finished installation so I can get an idea?

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    Here is a picture someone sent me. It looks good except I would have used a third piece of 4" PVC to make a shroud or flow inducer for the pump.

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    Excellent suggestion about installing a flow inducing shroud over the motor and the intake. A lot of people don't realize that when a submersible pump is installed in a cistern or large tank how easy it is to damage the motor from lack of cooling. This problem is not encountered in a 4-8" well casing, of course.

    I just joined this forum and I must say I enjoy reading your posts. You do seem to know your business, sir.


    P.S. It would be very beneficial to these folks if you could draw a diagram or two on how to make a shroud.


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