Hi - I've been lurking trying to find an answer but haven't seen one.. So decide to register and ask..

I have 15+ year old Culliigan N8 Custom, it's been working fine up until 6 weeks ago. The motor/valve was stuck in the open position causing it to continually discharges. After disconnecting the valve from the motor arm, I can manually push the valve close. So it looks like the motor has seized up, but since I'm not completely sure and can't find a replacement motor anyway, I've decided to replace it.

So to the replacement question, is it possible to swap out the N8 with another unit, non-culligan, with out a lot of hassle. Basically, can I use the current bypass valve and direct replace with a Fleck or something else into it? The bypass valve is a "Cul-Flo-Valv Bypass".

I'm trying to replace the unit with out re-plumbing the pipes if possible. My current choice to replace the N8 is a Fleck 5600sxt. I'm not also not sure about the height of the tank as well..

Any advice is welcome.