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Thread: Genetics and Lymphoma!

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    Default Genetics and Lymphoma!

    Not good. Seven times higher for a sibling.


    Lymphoma can be the result of a genetic predisposition that is inherited from family members. It is possible to be born with certain genetic mutations or a fault in a gene that makes one statistically more likely to develop cancer later in life.

    Later for me, wasn't really that much later, I was 43 the first time. 49, the 5th time.

    I have had people ask me what it was like being on chemo. Being, I am a pro at it, I spent 5 years and 3 months doing so, total, I can answer that question by only saying, and to those with sensitive ears, put on your ear muffs and blinders, " it was ******* hard." No other way to describe it. Ask Terry, he will probably tell you too.

    So, for those of you who do plumbing, whatever, with possible bad things hanging around, use masks and gloves, just incase. The disease will blow you out of the water, and there is no place to hide. So, not talking about, not using commonsense and saying, and thinking, it won't happen to me, is just plain dumb.
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