If you're thinking about remodeling your house then one aspect you should consider would be safety. After you're done choosing new fabrics and matching colors just stop for a second and think how safe your house realy is?

Safety is the main reason for installing a basement window well. If there were ever an emergency, the occupants can safely leave the basement, or emergency crews can enter the basement. Here are some examples of basement windows wells:

-The Mesh cover is built with an expanded metal top. This pattern makes it perfect for keeping out debris, as well as keeping children and pets safe. It can have an unique vinyl coating applied, giving it extra durability agains the elements.
-The Classic cover is ideal for strength and durability. Itís also a great looking cover and compliments any landscape! Itís built using the InnerFIT system; with a 2Ē angle iron frame and .5Ē square tubing, giving it the strength to hold over 750 lbs!
-The polycarbonate cover is perfect for keeping out debris, rain and snow. As part of the InnerFIT system, the polycarbonate cover can be built with vertical backings to cover windows that rise above the window well.

So, best thing to do is to install basement window wells on your home today and enjoy the comfort of knowing youíre even more protected.