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Thread: This is serious business... but...

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    Default This is serious business... but...

    I always said, that some people sit on their brains. (putting it politely) lol.

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    Now for those of you, who do not want to go the traditional route and drink the gallon of liquid, and undergo the, well, uncomfortableness of it all; a Catscan can always be done, which is what I get because I get head to toe CT's annually. Now, it won't find the teeny-tiny unwanted polyps, but, it is close enough to find the big C. And, who knows, for some they might find yer brains, lol. I know a few people who lost their minds years ago, I know where it went, Isn't medical techology grand?

    Now, seriously, who ever would had thought. . . what was said, all these years was true, LOL. You gotta love it. Never again, will the saying, " he got his head up his arse..." will, ever be a joke,
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