OK, yes I will ask the fireman that wrote this up when I can get ahold of him, but I wanted to ask you:

The Fire Marshal just inspected a fairly sizable Mall near me, and as fate would have it, I know one of the merchants who got tagged. Apparently almost everyone got the same to-do list.

Get the exit signs tested by an electrical contractor. OK. Get him to certify what you have works or get it replaced. OK. Figure out which breaker in the panel feeds it. Well, OK. If you insist. Mark it as such. Well, sure, while we are at it, yeah.

Now. Provide a "lock out". I don't get it. My thinking on lock outs is their utility in a large industrial plant where there is frequent need to shut down power to something that is well out of view of the panel.

Why would anyone need to "lock out" an emergency exit sign? Why would you ever need to deliberately turn it off. Unless you were replacing it, but the the logic applies to all the circuits in the store, yes?