My Rainsoft system was purchased in 2001 and have had little to no problems until recently. My water is no longer soft and I am not using salt. My problem is I am not sure of the sequence of the system. It appears at no time is there water in the Brine tank ( which I feel happens during #1 stage). During one sequence it is trying to suck the water out of the brine tank as I have removed the line and have had a positive suction ( I have pulled the entire "float system" and air passes through it so it is not clogged). I have disassembled most of the unit head and have clean up the gaskets and have not seen anything "broken". Can anyone school me on what to look for and how to proceed before I dump $$$ in a service call? Please no Rainsoft bashing as this is not helpful. It appears to me that the entire regeneration process is fine with the exception of the "fill" process into the brine tank any positive input would be greatly appreciated.