We are building a new house and putting in a modern freestanding Maax Jazz tub http://www.maax.com/en/UtilityPages/...-251CDCC15DCE} in the Master Bathroom. It will be placed against a feature wall, on which I would like to have a fun (but somewhat economical) wall mount tub spout.

I like the following 4 tub fillers:

Kohler Souris K-6946 http://www.homedepot.com/buy/bath/ba...ome-63251.html, (included this link because HD has some nice images of the spout in action)

Hansgrohe Axor Massaud Tub Spout 18473001

Kohler Laminar Flow K-923, or

Artos Kascade F802-3.

But I am open to other similar waterfall style spouts.

The Maax Jazz tub has a really wide 6 inch tub deck, and I'd like to put the controls on the tub deck so they don't distract from the tub filler in the wall and are easy to reach while I am in and out of the tub. I don't want anything too fancy, and we are planning on using Moen 90 degree chrome faucets on vanities unless we find something that matches our chosen tub spout better.

Can you recommend a valve/lever trim combination that would work with one of these or a similar tub spout? I don't know enough to figure out how flexible these valves are (i.e. using the valves for the tub deck mount but going to the wall for the spout). I'd prefer to stick with a major company for the valve. I've seen some nice packaged units with grohe and other companies but they start at $1300 and I really don't want to spend that much knowing that I'm happy with far less expensive spouts. The plumbing supply company my builder referred me to seems to think my only options are to use a shower valve and put it on the wall somewhere, or to use the Moen iodigital control, but I don't really want to spend that much since I don't really need that technology to fill my tub.

Am I asking for trouble with this configuration? I just can't seem to find this type of valve option with Moen, Delta, or Kohler. I guess I can always put everything on the wall, and/or use a thermostatic shower valve and try and place it out of sight, but I worry it might be awkward to reach in and out of the tub if it's out of sight.

I would really appreciate any advice or direction you can give me so I can get these valves ordered and the rough-in plumbing behind me. I've got tile to pick out next! Arghhh!