Hello all, I have a question about a main sewer line with tree roots clogging it. I had a local company out that I have used before (and been satisfied with) and they tried to snake the line with a blade in the end, but could not get through the root. They say that my only option is to dig up the cast iron line and replace it with PVC, at a cost of $4,000.

What I'm wanting to know is how common is it that they are unable to get through the root with a blade. It just seemed like to me that they didn't try very hard. I've had some previous experience with this at a different house and that time it seemed like the plumber kept pushing and pulling the line back and forth tons of times to get it all out, whereas this plumber didn't try for very long until he gave up. I'm just wondering if I called a different company if they would be able to get it if they tried longer. I've spent over an hour searching this site and it seems to me that the vast majority of people that had to replace their main line did so due to a collapse, and that is not my issue. It seems that nearly everyone who had root problems was able to snake them out. I do realize that by not replacing it I will be dealing with this issue again in the future, but unfortunantly my budget just does not allow for a $4,000 repair. I've owned this house for 10 years with no problems, so it just kind of seems like the roots can't be all that huge if this is the first time I've had problems with them, but maybe I'm wrong.

Should I try again with a different company, or is what they are telling me correct? Thanks in advance for your input!