Howdy out there.
New place, new well, pissed off girlfriend and kid! My water has high iron and is hard. My first concern was getting the iron out and filox seemed the answer.Water seemed good for a month or two, but the iron ppm continues to rise post-filter(currently about 7ppm).
When researching why filox fails I came across an ORP test (pot./perm. solution) that can be done without an ORP meter.Wish I'd known about this test before I bought my system because my water really fails the test.
The well - 128', 5" pvc casing , 22' static level, flowed 22gpm, water temp. mid 40,s F. It was sized to service two homes.
The pump - Grundfos constant pressure 15gpm(max.) set at 60psi.
The water - The raw water has a light yellow tint and and is slightly stinky.When sitting overnight it turns a lovely shade of orange and develops a rainbow sheen on the surface(iron bacteria?)
I had a water test done by NTL.
Calcium ----------------50.2 All in mg/L
Hardness---------------170 (9.9 grains)
Sulfur - none detected by one of those glass tube home tests
pH - 6.5 by NTL 6.8-7 by others on site
The system I installed.
Starts with a 4.5"X20" 5 micron prefilter to a check valve to a inline mixing valve to a 10"X54" air treatment tank (AerMax) to a 10"X54"1.5 cu.ft. Filox iron filter. The filter has a Fleck 2510 control. It was set up to backflush for 12 min. and rinse for 8 min.
I also installed a Stenner adj. injection pump to inject bleach ahead of the air tank during regeneration(aprx. 4ppm). This was suggested to refresh the media bed and control nasty growth.
I,ve spent hours researching (thats how I found you folks) how to fix this but there seems to be alot of Catch 22s with high iron water treatment.I,m tired of talking to salesmen sitting at a desk!
Any ideas on how to modify/change/upgrade this system would be much appreciated.