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Thread: Wiring an Electrical Outlet to Pump Pressure Switch

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonL View Post
    I was not joking.

    That is how my 120V heat tape gets power from my Well pump switch for the winter.

    It may not meet code but it works for whatever I want to plug into the 120V outlet.

    Code is for City Slicker folks. We just Git-R-Done on the City Slicker Farms in Texas.
    Yes it will WORK. Keep the foil hat on, and you will be safe, I know because I wear one
    OK, now I understand why the Midwest and wild Wild West have so many lightning storms. Lightning currents start from the ground up to the clouds that are stripped of their electrons and need to be replenished by the abundance of them spare ones in Texas just jumping around the place looking for a new home And I just realized what makes those Texican/Mexican jumping beans jump too
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