Hello all I hope someone can help. We have a seasonal camp here in Maine. the water for the camp comes from a point in the ground adjacent to the lake and is pumped to a well x troll bladder style holding tank.

The problem we are having is that when we opened the camp for the summer last year there was always air in the plumbing. The pump is a few years old and in good working order. The well x troll tank bladder has ruptured but still works to a degree. We will be replacing the tank this spring. the real problem is that if you turn on the water you get good pressure but it always seems to develope air in the line. When I turn on the water in the spring we always get that air spray pressure situation for a few minutes but then it goes away. The thing is all last year we had that just turned on air problem every time we let the water sit for a few hours. It has been suggested to me that there may be a leak in the line from the well point to the pump and it is sucking air and water and the air is entrained in the water then migrates to the highest points - the faucets and toilet and sprays when we turn it on. Does this make sense to anyone. Please help.