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Thread: Iron removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Sawyer View Post
    Actually I said: "I'd get some Iron Out etc. into the plumbing to the softener or the fixtures to clean out the rust build up. I'd replace any plumbing to the softener that was less than 3/4". I'd run some IO through the softener then too.". I did not tell him to do it or that he should do it. And he replied that he didn't think it would work, along with Andy, Steve and YOU.

    That's your post so "I'd get some iron out into the plumbing to the softener" which implies that you would somehow isolate the run from the tank to the valve, introduce Iron out and that would get rid of the iron. We are all telling you that if there is a large build up of iron, you could soak it for a month and not clear it out and further, you would have to bypass the piping so the customer would have water in the house.

    " I did not tell him to do it or that he should do it" What in hell does that mean? If you are not recommending that he should do it then why bother saying anything at all?

    This whole mess should be pretty much wrapped up. Game, set, match.....
    There ya go again posting something you didn't say but making it look as if you did...

    IMO, based on past experience with him, he wasn't going to listen to anything I recommended, suggested or told him to do so I told him what I would do but I didn't tell him how I'd do it so others reading this now or in the future know there is something that can be done if they have the same problem instead of probably listening to someone telling them to replace all the plumbing.

    BTW, I learned through trial and error how to get rust build up out of galvanized pipe so as to be able to sanitize/disinfect the plumbing to get rid of Coliform bacteria for VA and FHA mortgages. Then I got into well rehabilitation to get rid of rust build up in water lines from the pump to the pressure tank. And people actually paid me to do it based on the results and yer good buddy Liggy is it, he says it won't work. LOL little does he know and he sure as hell doesn't know what he doesn't know. WOW, that applies to you too.
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    Nice try but I don't think anybody's buying it LOL
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