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That's OK. Think as you may. Instead of saying you CAN do something, why don't you tell the OP how to do it as he certainly demonstrated doubts of your advice. This is after all, his thread and you really should not pay me so much attention. Terry Love's forum rules: Companies participating in a Forum discussion should provide specific answers to posted questions.
He's going to listen to the engineer and if he wants to know how to do what I suggested, he can ask me. You should recall that I'm not a "company" but I am specifically responding to your replies; in HIS thread....

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I am not going defend or accuse AndyC on what he said in another forum.
Andy Christensen is a Water Quality Association CW-II and has been a Kinetico salesman for many years, or at least 3-4 years. He's a "Professional".

Since you deny being him, Andy Christensen, what are your credentials as to a Kinetico warranty and how did you get the one your claim to have?

Are you a Kinetico salesman, or work for Kinetico or are you a Kinetico customer and if a customer, why the handle Water Solutions? That sounds as if you are a water treatment dealer, a "company", are you?

I ask because yesterday in another thread I saw an OP asking you if you are a Kinetico salesman but haven't seen you answer that yet.

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I will say this I am holding a Kinetico warranty sheet in my hands

First you say it "voids the warranty" now you are saying it halves it.
Now you're playing with words again.... just like most Kinetico salesmen!!

Without the pre filter the warranty is 5 years, with the pre filter they extend the warranty to 10 years. And with a few Kinetico control valves that require the pre filter, you void the warranty IF you don't have one, or use the one they installed for you (whether ya wanted one or not).

The same applies to their K5 RO, the warranty says 5 years, and an extra 5 years, that's a total of 10 yrs, IF you also have a Kinetico softener softening the water before the RO.

If you disagree, feel free to prove me wrong by posting a copy of that warranty you say you have.