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Thread: Super Moon tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Thank you Bob. Well, I could but then, I would have to cut down one of those trees, too. It is sizeable and in good shape, and the birds love these trees. I could do 6 inches without cutting it, it would be close though. I don't know what it is with these neighbors, but, they got to squeeze every last inch out of their property and its useage. He has more than enough room, we all do really, he has planted so many apple trees he has a small orchard. I like this guy, but, really wish he wouldn't had done that. Plus, he makes poison meatballs, and distributes them around his house, he hates animals, and cats, so mine never goes out. This is why, I love my camp. No one is around me. Except for bears, snakes, mice, and I don't mind those. But anyways, my backyard is the Allegheny Forest and, on the sides is enough land no one bothers me. I even got a stream, and glacier rocks, which I sunbathe on and share with a snake. He sunbathes on one side, I on the other.

    I enjoy the life I fought to keep, and others should enjoy the life they have.
    Maybe somebody you know will use his meatballs as an ingredient for a nice lasagna for him. Not you of course, just sayin'.

    You could always have your fence made with a little jog in it to go around that tree. I know what you mean about neighbors; I have 5 neighbors surrounding my back yard, and they all find it necessary to put all their crap in the far pack of their properties. I spent 5 grand in Feb to replace my fence with new Cedar dog eared pickets and if they pile their junk against this one they will hear from me. I get along with them all, but they just have no brains or common decency it seems. One even had brackets installed on my old fence to hang up his surf board and sheet metal bending brake from. Aargh! I had the fence guys carefully place his stuff on something else so they would not get damaged
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