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Thread: 240V Timer Switch

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    Default 240V Timer Switch

    Hey guys,
    I need a bit of help understanding a diagram. I want to hard wire my 240 circuit to a timer, then wire the outlet from the timer, I don't want to assume with this one

    I'm hoping the L and 1 are the hot supply, and the X and 2 are the line TO my outlet.
    Question is, do I have to put jumpers on each L to X and 1 to 2? Or is this thing wired to know that switch will kill power to X and 2 when it's not active (per the timer)?

    thanks in advanced!

    Name:  240 Timer Schematic.jpg
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    If you added jumpers, you'd be bypassing the switches controlled by the timer motor...when the timer is set to enable the load, the contacts get moved so it connects to the hot terminals automatically.
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    Use the diagram on the left. Line lands on L and 1 while the load (outlet) lands on X and 2


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