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Thread: Problem with the Flapper on American Standard Cadet 3, 4027.016 toilet

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    Default Problem with the Flapper on American Standard Cadet 3, 4027.016 toilet

    The flapper on the American Standard Cadet 4027.016 toilet leaks.
    The water level in the tank drops to the extent that, following each flush, the fill valve turns on every 20 minutes.
    After replacing the flush valve three times and the flapper five times, including the installation of a brand new, out-of-the-box American Standard Cadet 4027.016 toilet, we obtained the same result on each occasion: a leaking flapper.
    My plumber and I have concluded that this is due to a basic design flaw in the flapper of this American Standard model.

    We have spoken with American Standard tech support who absolutely denies that there's such a design flaw, leaving us with few options.
    The big question: Is there a flush valve from another manufacturer that's compatible with this model?
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    Rather than a design flaw it sounds like a manufacturing flaw with the flush valve. As far as I know, I have never heard of this problem with their flappers. The design has worked for a long time flawless. Or, it could be a flapper manufacturing flaw. Bring the toilet back and go to an entirely, different big box store, ie, if you bought it at Lowes' go to HD.

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    I would first make sure that the fill tube is not placed down the overflow tube.
    Doing that will siphon the tank.

    Other then that, it is a puzzle.

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    Simple test, run your finger around the seal where the flapper goes. If it has a lump or divot in it, no flapper will seal properly.
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    It could be the two arms that hold the flapper have a manufacturing problem not allowing the flapper to fall flat on the valve.

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