Hello Everyone,
Just registered, Great site!. I have a basement bathroom project that I am working on and it would be great to have some advise from the experts.
The rough in was done when the house was built (10 yrs old). I measured the drain to the finished walls at about 15 and 14.5 inches, however all the prefab corner shower bases or complete prefab showers that I have seen so far seem to have the drain location at 12/12 inches.
Don't understand if this was the standard back then and it is different now. The toilet rough-in is correct at 12 inches.

Is there solution to relocate the drain without breaking up the concrete. As you can see from the pictures the 2" pvc is not glued at the moment and there is some wiggle room but not 3", also there is a 7" pvc around the drain, don't know what this is for.

Thank You for your input.

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