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Thread: Funny what to do while sitting at a redlight

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    I was sitting at a long redlight. Being it is like 90F here, I had the window down. I was watching the other way when I spotted something coming at me, from the side of me and I swatted it hard. A backhand swat. With this, I propelled the bee into the other car alongside of me, right into their wind-down window. I heard all these screams, " there's a bee, there's a bee!" from the kids in the car. Next thing I know, the bee is propelled back at me, and, with the reaction of only a tennis player could have, I propelled it back. Right into their window. Instantly, the bee was back again, this time landing on my dashboard, where he sat, looking confused and dazed. The light changed, and we drove home together. When, I got out, he out and flew away.

    Now, HJ, this is a true story! No embellishment, just stating the facts, I was laughing so hard I couldn't see because my mascara was running.
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