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Thread: Bathroom remodel advice

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    Default Bathroom remodel advice

    I have our small second story bathroom gutted down to the studs and am ready to build it back up.
    I removed the old 60" cast iron tub that was in there as it was from 1973 when the house was built.

    The room is only 8'x5', and had a tub/shower toilet and sink. Now that I am starting over, what is the best quality to go with for the tub? I am using a Toto toilet, love those things. But as I read about bathtubs, I see about acrylic, cast iron, etc. It appears that definitely don't want fiberglass as I want to get the best quality surface that will last the longest so I won't be messing with this room for a very long time.

    Any advice for what I should look for, or any specific brands that you would recommend? I'm of the mindset that buying good quality is actually the most inexpensive in the long run. So I don't mind paying premium prices for quality. I'm just not sure about any of this when it comes to tubs.

    Thanks for any help.

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    You don't need steel or cast iron to have a quality tub. What is so important is that the tub is comfortable and has a base inside not prone to flexing.

    Get in the tubs at the showroom. Lie down. Get comfy if you can, if you can't ....... NEXT!


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    Hi Brian,

    The most durable and longest lasting tubs are cast iron. Unfortunately, they are also the heaviest.
    John Bridge, Ceramic Tile Setter :-)


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    It's pretty tough to beat cast iron all right. They are a two man installation. You see them in old homes still being used.

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    The order of preference for me;
    1. Cast iron
    2. Americast
    3. Any plastic tub
    4. WAY DOWN THE LIST, in last place, enameled steel
    Once you get past #2 the customer has to buy the tub, because I will not guarantee it.
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