Follow up from my previous post.

We changed the foot valve, ejector, pump.

Did further diagnostics this weekend... disassembled and cleaned everything on my new jet pump ( fooltvalve, the ejector, i ran water through both lines to ensure there was no mud etc.

I disconnected the two lines at the pump to see if water fed from a neighbor hose to my exterior faucet would flow back to the 2 lines.

Results: nothing!! I get water everywhere in the house but no water flowing back to the two lines at the pump connection. Is that normal?

When everything is connected back I get 50 psi when connected to my neighbors house. but when I close the external faucet and turn on the pump the pressure goes to zero.

Why do I have zero pressure? Why is water from my neighbor house doesn't flow back through the pump? Is that my problem?

Thanks for help!!!!!!!

[QUOTE=JM1010;342505]Hello all, hope you can help can cause next step is to dig a well!!

OK here we go:

1) Jet pump lost it's prime twice..

2) Lake is located about 80' foot down from the house...

3) To be safe changed the foot valve on the 2 line pipe.

4) Didn't work, "expert" said maybe the pump is bad

5) Changed the pump...

6) Pump won't prime...

7) Expert now think the line is broken and recommend excavation..

8) When I checked the pump after a week of non usage it showed 25 psi... does that invalidate the pipe leaking theory?

9) What I'm thinking is given the high vertical drop, maybe air is trapped in the line and preventing the pump from priming or maybe the ejector is dirty...