I am a builder, and our client (against recommendations) bought a display Toto toliet. It is a 2 piece, and appears to be a Vespin, but we have no ID as yet.

The toilet came without boxing, instructions and nothing more than the tank and bowl (with all internal parts). The drain is in the back of the toilet about 8" off the floor, a 2"+ intergal porcelin "pipe". The drain outlet (bottom of the porcelin pipe) faces down and not to the rear as a rear drain (retrofit) toilet. The bolt pattern in the bowl is 8-10 O.C., and does not fit a standard toilet flange pattern.

What have I got? Calls to the vendor with questions have not been answered. My plumber and I can not figure out how to install the toliet.

I found www.totousa.com, but the Vespin shows a typical bottom drain toilet.