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Thread: Pentair Retro-fit

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    Default Pentair Retro-fit

    Hello to all.. I'm new to this forum and looking for advice on retro fit on a pentair Model#7000 Conditioner head (carbon). This was purchased for city water chlorine application, which was never installed. We want to change it into a softener head. We found a dealer that might do this job but he wants all the parts first and ain't sure about all parts that are needed. After looking at the Service Manual we THINK it comes to this> ITEM NO.13

    - NO.9
    - No.12 two o-rings
    - No.5
    - No.4
    - No.18 ?
    - No.15
    - No.7 but what size Injector?
    - No.23 we have 45 Elbow on-it?
    - No.6 Turbine Meter but don't have No.17 Meter Cable Assy (looking for a complete parts for what is needed)

    Can someone HELP! We Have High Manganese(0.236) and Copper(2.06) Iron(0.0100) PH(7.34). This dealer said that this Conditioner head can work now with (greensand) and potassium permanganate solution by injecting it continuously, and back washing periodically. This will supposedly reduce water consumption (low-producing well is what we have), but we like a salt regeneration instead, which is why we are looking into a softener and trying to figure out if a retro is worth doing, or just buying a whole new head. THANKS to ALL you Professionals!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It will be about the same price to convert it to a softener vavle as it would be to buy a new valve if you upgrade the electronics at the same time. Is your valve an SE or SXT? When you plug it in, Blue is SXT.

    here ya go.

    61454-0 or 00 depending on tank size, either will work fine if your tank is 9-10 diameter
    61455-00 if your system has a 61456-..
    You will also need the 3/8" jaco nut and install kit for the brine line, a brine tank assembly, water softeing resin, and a DLFC button to match your tank size. 2.0 for a 9" tank, 2.4 for a 10" tank, 3.5 for a 12" tank assuming normal water temperatures.

    I have several dealers who will sell you the parts, these are all normal stock items, it is a fairly easy valve to retrofit.

    Depending on the age of your system, you may also want to upgrade it to an SXT version if it is the older SE, this woud also require that the cover be replaced.

    If your funds are adequate, I would highly recommend installing the carbon unit, a installing a 7000 softener after it.

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    Ok Thank-you so much.I will just buy a new head,Thanks again keep-on-truckken!!!!

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