OK, here is my problem. I live in a newly constructed house. They are building a new house right next door. I am seeing a power flux (dimming) in my lights whenever any of the following occurs:

- I turn on the A/C in my house
- I turn on the washing machine in my house
- the compressor next door kicks on (for their nail gun and/or other tools)

The compressor next door is hooked up to a temporary post on the street. I have had my electrician come look along with the utility company. The utility company says that the house is getting plenty of power. So now, short of getting another electrician in here, trying to figure out what the problem could be (and if my electrician, who is the one who did the wiring during construction, doesn't know what he's doing). Most of the lights in the house are 60W if that matters.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be? I would think that given the proper wiring that I shouldn't see any kind of power flux.

Thanks for the help in advance.