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Thread: Drain Maintenance

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    Default Drain Maintenance

    Is there any maintenance you can do for your sink/bath tub drains? I guess to prevent future clogging. I don't know, just thinking ahead.

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    Don't wash your hair in the sink. In the tub, check it once a month for hair in the drain, and pulling it out with a zipstrip, which are available at Lowes or HD, in the plumbing dept. And, so far as, the kitchen sink, do not pour any grease down the drain. One other maybe, do not wash your cats or dogs in the tub or sink.

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    There is a great product that Terry sells on this site called Bio-Clean. It is a powder which has beneficial bacteria and enzymes that you mix with warm water and put down your drains. If you do this once a month you can prevent a lot of clogs by keeping the walls of the pipes clean.

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    Do not use caustic chemicals such as Drano...ever. Maybe I'm just lucky, but in 42 years in my house, I've never put any cleaner in to my drain and I've never had a clog. I avoid the obvious things like grease and I don't use a disposal.

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    Anything you use in the drain, while it is working, may not help, but at least it should not cause a problem. My wife has had, and used, disposers for 55 years and the only time she stopped up the drain was when she tried to grind artichoke leaves.
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    Hair and grease are definitely the biggest offenders. Keep them out of the drains and your likelihood of getting a clog goes WAY down.

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