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Thread: Volume control and pressure balanced valve

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    Default Volume control and pressure balanced valve

    Hi, are there any manufacturers that produce a pressure balanced valve that also allows you to control volume? Or do you HAVE to have a thermostatic valve if you want to control volume?


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    I'm sure others make one, but I installed one from Delta in my mother's house. While the big box stores tend to sell the things boxed in sets, to a plumber, they generally are purchased in bits. The R10000 rough-in valve is the base for many of the various trims on Delta shower/tub valves. Then, the cartridges that are available (and they're packaged with the trim and handles) come in three varieties: single handle pressure balance; two handle, volume temp; and two handle thermostatically controlled. Note, they could be knobs or handles, but are separately controlled. The difference is the cartridge and trim, but guts are the same. The 1700 series offers those three options, with lots of choices of trim/handles.
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    Delta has it's 1700 series using it's Universal Box rough, Moen has Moentrol, which does balance and volume.

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