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Thread: DIY Sprinkler System

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    Default DIY Sprinkler System


    So I have this 27'x37' yard where I'm trying to add a sprinkler system. I've read several article and saw a post where this guy did a DIY sprinkler system for his yard. he used Flex PVC pipes for his system. after seeing that I got motivated to convert my existing system (garden hose and walmart stake type sprinklers) to a slightly better one where I don't need to stand and watch.

    I bought some Orbit timer and just need to run some pipes in two spots and some heads. so here's what I'm thinking, run some standard PVC (since they're much cheaper than flex pvc) to two spots that I've determined and bury the pipes probably 6" in the ground with shovel or whatever tool I can use.

    the parts that I haven't figured out yet is, how am I going to connect the water line to the pvc from my outside water tap. how do I prevent backflow and how do I drain the water out before winter.

    please feel free to comment on my existing plan and help with this diy plan.
    your comments are greatly appreciated.


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    Like many apparently simple jobs, when you get into the details of right and wrong, a sprinkler system can present many problems for a novice. You have already found some of them. My advice is to make a scale drawing of your property, get all of the details on water supply you can, and find a professional irrigation company who will give you the information you need, provide the proper materials, and even give you a cost for installation. You might be surprised how affordable they can be. Even if you DIY it, you will have the information to do it right. A number of years ago, a local company designed my system at no cost. They only required that I buy my materials from them. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there cost for materials was actually less that the Big Box Store! Twenty six years later, the original sprinklers are still working just fine.

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    Thanks Gary. I'm actually trying to install a very basic system. I am even considering using regular garden hose instead of PVC.

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