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The danger of the check valve is; if you have a leak in the droppipe and/or the pipe from the well to the house. Since the check valve removes all the pressure from those lines, they are now a vacuum line which can pull contamination into the lines along with "AIR" which will be pumped into the house next time the pump comes on.

Don't worry about water leaking out of the pipe under pressure without the check valve. Nothing is going to get into the pipes this way, just out.

When you remove the check valve, I'm sure you will see that you have a leak/s somewhere on the pump side of the removed check valve.

I'll give it a shot. I did replace the check when I did the CSV. Perhaps the old check was leaking back and keeping the pipe pressurized. The new check is working properly and is allowing the pipe to draw a vacuum. Hmmmmm.
Only tests will tell.