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Thread: Hole on sewer line

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    Default Hole on sewer line

    Hi, I'm new here. I looking for an answer to a problem with my sewer line. It's the old black tar stromburg, I think is the name, pipe. While digging i punched a 1/4 inch round hole in the top. is there an eay way to plug this hole? I thought about the many different hardening compounds they have now. there must be something to plug the hole. Please help.

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    First, what were you using that punched a hole in the pipe?

    If it was easy to do it may be a indication that the pipe may be at the end of it's usfull life?

    How old is the house?

    For now you could get 2 large stainless steel hose clamps that would go around the pipe side by side and place a peice of rubber from a inner tube or similar between the pipe and the clamps and then tighten the clamps over the hole.

    This would last quite a while.

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    Default hole

    There used to be a brand of pipe that was called ORANGEBERG and it was thin and soft.

    Don't believe it wased used in place of cast iron.

    Like Cass suggested, you could use a little tar on a piece of gasget material and a 3" or 4" hose clamp.

    Who would know the difference?

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    Default Sanitary or Drainage

    The soft fiber pipes were often used for drainage. Do you know that it is a sewer pipe and not some drain around the house?

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    Default pipe

    Orangeburg, when it was used, always took the place of cast-iron or clay tile outside the house. No matter what you patch it with, tar or a bandaid, it will have to all be replaced eventually. I am surprised it is not already oval shaped or flattened out by the pressure of the ground above it.


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