We had picked up a Cadet 3 at Home Depot but haven't installed it. Today I've been cruising through these forums and the trend seems to be that American Standard is a lost cause. Now I'm thinking of returning it. Comments?

Seems like most recommend Toto. We have a Toto dealer in our city but were turned off with a four week delivery timeframe (our main bathroom is only good for that right now - bathing). We originally had a 1986 American Standard in gray that developed a cracked tank with (luckily) minimal leakage, but can't get gray anymore (seems like we can't from any manufacturer) to match the old sink and bathtub. So we went shopping around.

If we go with Toto, are there recommendations on which unit? Here's what we had for criteria and could use comments on each:

1. We have over 12" from bolts to wall for install in main floor bathroom.
2. Want to install 6 litre or less flush unit. We were thinking dual flush because we were told by someone at Home Depot that a 4.8 litre flush leaves a lot less water in the bowl and results in 'messiness'. But then we were told by someone at Lowe's that we should avoid dual flush because the design is so integrated into the lid and tank that any parts replacements would require a complete toilet replacement. This sounds bizarre?
3. We're thinking of elongated rather than round bowl, and higher height.
4. Were told by a plumber friend that we should ensure the trap is glazed to lessen potential clogging.
5. Guess we're stuck with getting white.