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Thread: WAKE UP CALL! Nevada gives china 14 Square miles of land

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    The place is amazing. I was there six times in 4 years, for doing something with the kids. An amazing place. I am glad to hear you have a subcription, I wish more people would subscribe. I answered all kinds of questions the girls ( and boys) had, concerns. I remember once, a girl, about 15, asked me, if she would ever have a boyfriend, this was really her concern. She was just a normal young lady with health problems, who wanted a boyfriend when she got older. Wow, I hated that question, because I knew the answer, all too well. I just told her to get well, then, worry about boys. The place dotes on the kids, and just to make you feel better, where your dollars are going, the kids profit from every dollar you send you Bob.

    You are a good man, Bob.

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    Fine, I'll be the racist.
    A big difference between the Western world and Eastern is, in the East it is always acceptable to rip off a customer. It's always a buyer beware situation. If someone is dumb enough to pay $2 for something most people pay .75 for, what's the loss anyway?
    And just to be a little more racist, I have had a huge problem over my life with Indians short changing me in convenience stores. Almost every time, it is missing singles in a change return.

    Who knows.

    In your store owners defense, promotions like this are performed by vendors, and often even the owner of the company has no idea there is some kind of sale going on in his store. They too, are very sneaky people (I once had a Pepsi vendor try to trick me into buying $700 more soda than I had ordered).

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    I haven't been in that store since, I won't be ever. For what it is worth, he lost my business.

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    Now, if you want to hear something funny, today I was in a supermarket and, this nice, older woman started talking to me. She was great! We parted, but as fate would have it, we ended up in the check line together, but, on opposite sides, so, she leans over and says, " hey we meet again!" I said, " did you find everything okay?" Then, this woman started shouting at me, " HOW DO YOU THINK, I AM I AM 83!"

    Whoa. She continued yelling at me. I was getting embarrassed, thinking, what others thought I might had said to his old woman, lol Then, I said, " I asked, if you found everything okay?" Ready for this? lol.

    She started shouting at me again, yelling and pulling out some fruit in a container, " LOOK! THEY CHARGE 5 DOLLARS FOR THIS!" and, it went on and on...

    I never bagged my stuff so fast, and said, " have a nice day" and ran, out of their. With hearing, I swear on everything holy.... hearing this:


    I sat in the car for a few minutes getting my head straight, then, saw her coming, I floored it it out of there, before she saw me.

    One minute nice, next minute a lunatic.

    Now, I know she probably had dimentia or something, but, I swear after working too long with women, next job= no women. Where I work part time now, it is equally as insane most of the time. Discounts flow like water from them, I gave a discount to a mentally challenged woman and got reprimanded. A very slow person, who really would appreciate it. So, I mumbled, about the hormones dripping off the walls & making the floor slippery, lol. Funny, they are all divorced, wonder why,

    This one woman says, " my ex husband didn't start drinking until, after he married me!" I told her more than once, I wouldn't say that too loud, lol, everytime she says it, she gives me the laugh for the day. She doesn't get it.
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