I have a very elementary question regarding connection of a frontyard and backyard irrigation/sprinkler system to my water main. I am in the process of planning an entire plumbing conversion in my 1950s california ranch style home (about 1300' sq) and would like to diagram an overall plumbing layout.

My water main output is a 3/4" valve, running galvanized into and throughout the entire house. My plan is to run 3/4" pex (or PVC) into the house. And connect the main to a 1/2" pex home run manifold system for distribution throughout my house.

My question is, how do I run PVC into my front and backyards that would eventually connect to a sprinkler manifold? Would I simply install a T connection from the 3/4" water main line somewhere in the crawl space and then run it out to the front and backyard? Or would I distribute the irrigation water through my pex homerun manifold?

I have a relatively steep hillside in the backyard so adequate water pressure is concern.

Thanks in advance.