Here's what I can't figure out. Where I work part time, next to the place, their is one of those nail salons. Oh, yeah, I walk past them, look in, and the "techs" are sitting there with masks on. There the stupid customers are sitting breathing it all in. All for fake nails, which they could easily grow theirselves, eh. So, if the salon doesn't turn on the fan, required by OSHA, I am now breathing it next door. That does not work with me. I can easily smell it, and, I go outback, look at their fan and if I do not see it running, I am back next door, now, loudly saying in their place of business, " YOU NEED TO TURN YOUR FAN ON, I GOT A HUGE HISTORY OF CANCER AND WHAT YOU USE CAUSES CANCER." Every one of their customers' heads spin like the girl on the excorist who puked split green soup. So, after a while, they got the message, when they see me coming, I will again, make that unwanted announcement and, they get up real quick, making a motion, they are going, they are going to the fan switch. But, my questions are why are earth would anyone want to glue on nails and especially, with a glue which can make you very unhappy down the road, and, why does this place, just not turn on the fan?

I was talking to someone today about this. It is because the fan is blowing the airconditioning out in the summer, and in the winter, blowing out the heat. Now, if they think, that cost is expensive, I could enlighten them and show them some REAL bills, money spent to try to save your own life.

Just on tv, a thing about certain nail polishes harboring 3 toxic cancer producing chemicals, one which they alone, embalm people with. Yuk. Yuk.