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Thread: Toto Aquia question

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    Default Toto Aquia question

    I have an Aquia that was installed about two years ago. It's the later model with the socket mounting. The toilet sits on and slides into the socket.
    I'm having all the tile replaced and the toilet must be removed. Can I just lube up the socket and replace the toilet with no wax ring to mess with, or what is the proper procedure?
    The floor will be torn up for several days. If I can lube and replace, can I get away with removing and replacing several time for night use? Where to get a template to drill the mounting block holes after tile is replaced? I know, I can make one, but I had to ask...
    Second question. Lately that toilet has developed a quirk, when it fills, instead of filling steady, it kind of jerks, like the fill valve is opened and closed rapidly. Sometimes a high pressure squeal like the fill valve is barely open. It started recently and isn't too bad yet, but I expect it will get worse.
    While I have the toilet out of service, where do I look, or what do I replace to solve the fill problem.? I suspect hard water is causing whatever it is........
    I appreciate any help you can give me, thank you in advance


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    One of the first things they'll want to do is tear the old tile out, so that means removing the adapter. Now, could you mount it on the subfloor as a temporary solution? I don't know if there's enough 'slop' in the height to allow it, but it might work (the toilet would be lower, but the adapter and flange might be off relative to where the toilet sits). A little bit of dishsoap should be all you'd need to slide it back on again, and you might not need anything.

    I think I'd call Toto - they could probably mail you a template. You could probably make one yourself from the existing holes before things were torn out, but a new one is probably safer.
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    If you're saying to replace the tile floor I have to remove the socket (As it's called in the instructions), which would necessate replacing the wax ring, then the toilet stays out until the tile is finished. I was hoping I wouldn't need to remove adptor/socket.
    Still looking for answers on the jerky fill valve problem.... Do I ned to replace the fill valve, or perhaps descale something...???
    Good time to work on it while it's resting in the garage.. Thanks again

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    The fill valve may need cleaning or a replacement assembly cap. It's made by Korky

    The flange adapter goes on the finished flooring, and installs with either wax to the closet flange, or a waxless adapter.
    Then the bowl installs into the adapter.

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