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Thread: Toto Brand Mentioned on Bravo's 'Bethenny Ever After' Show!

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    Default Toto Brand Mentioned on Bravo's 'Bethenny Ever After' Show!

    Ok, this may seem silly, but I've had toilets on the brain since I first began shopping around and then finally installing my toilet. I watch this show called 'Bethenny Ever After' on Bravo (yes, I admit it) and Bethenny Frankel (now very rich after selling her 'Skinny Girl' cocktail brand) was shopping for fixtures for a new home.

    She saw a toilet in this upscale boutique and she asked, 'Is that a Toto?'.

    Funny, the things you notice when you've spent the last week thinking about toilets, various features/brands and how to install one for the first time. I think it's funny that she knew what a Toto was, and one has to wonder if she checked out this site.

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    I do remember selling an S300 TOTO Washlet to Will Smith. Later he talked about his Washlet on interviews. A lot of the high end homes are getting TOTO now.Below he's talking about his Neorest.

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    Default Bethanny

    I miss Bethany! I used to watch her dumb show until she moved to LA and I cancelled my cable (not related). I guess I missed the reference she made to Toto but it doesn't surprise me that she wanted one in her home.

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