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Thread: Bay and Bow Windows

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    Default Bay and Bow Windows

    If you're about installing a bay windows in your kitchen, living room or master bedroom you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages. For example a big advantage is the fact they add value to your home and they are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. Your home has a modern look from the outside and and elegant look from the inside.

    They allow natural light to enter and provide good ventilation because the offer the option of having two operating windows. They can be installed anywhere, but they are popular in the kitchens and living rooms of modern homes.

    Remember that ........... are a bit different in construction even though they have the same effect. Bay windows have three parts and bow windows have four or more window units joined together to form an arc.

    When dressing up bay and bow windows remember that the key factor is to use windows treatments that accent the shape of the windows. This way you can keep the look neat and clean with just a touch of creativity. A well-chosen window treatment provides lasting appeal for your bay and bow windows.
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    The window in the picture is beautiful. do these windows come in wood and metal?
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    too bad they can't put you spammers in a jail cell, then the only windows you can look out would have bars on them. what do you think you are going to accomplish with your spam? do you think people are going to buy anything from those 'sites'?

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