I'm now running the septic line 150' from the apartment to the main septic tank. Rented the trencher made a nice ditch and ready to lay pipe. My drop is on the money thanks to a friend with a transit system. The bottom of the trench solid sandstone, just soft enough to scrape a shovel full.

Now the problem, it poured rain and the trench filled with water (40' 2-10" deep) toward the end where I have not finished the ditch to the tank. I dug a drain ditch and the water ran out but the bottom is mud! The weather is nice today and starting to dry it but may rain again soon. I have room to raise the entire run up a few inches, can I just add gravel to make the bottom solid so I can finish installing or do we have to wait until the mud drys completely? Thanks in advance for any and all advice.