15 Amp circuit for lighting in a horse barn

Fixtures will be as follows (from Orion West Lighting - Equine):
Round Light Fixtures = 36 Watts 0.3 Amps (CFL)..........output = 200 watts
4' Fluorescent Fixtures = 84 Watts 0.7 Amps (CFL).......output = 500 watts

Using the Round Light Fixtures as an Example:
Can I figure out how many fixtures to be placed on the circuit by keeping the ACTUAL Amp TOTAL below 12 Amps (if using 80% rule..there is a possibility of all of the lights being on continuosly in the barn) ??? ..... could put many lights on the circuit drawing only 0.3 Amps per fixture....

Or, do I have to go by the output of 200 watts, even though CFLs are being used?
----this would limit me to about 7 Round Lights per 15 Amp circuit (1400 watts of 1440....80% rule)

Thank you!