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    Default Skills USA

    So I don't know how many of you guys know what the Skills USA organization is or does but essentially what it is, is a student organization dedicated to promoting personal growth and leadership qualities in todays youth. The primary focus is on high school kids that are enrolled in trades programs like welding, carpentry and such. In fact, there are over 200 different areas of trade skills that are represented by the kids in the organization. Every year, each trade school sends students to state contests that test their academic and trade skills against other schools in the state. My kids do pretty well usually. Two years ago we won the gold and the bronze. Last year we took silver and bronze but this year we walked away with gold, silver and bronze against 5 other plumbing trade schools in the state. So.....we will be off to Kansas City MO. for the national competition. Skills is an amazing opportunity and experience for these kids. It proves that amongst the gangsta's and wanna-be's there are still a core group of dedicated, focused and mature kids out there that will someday be the folks that build our houses, weld our sky scrapers, design our cities and build our future dreams. As an aside, my school also sent two young gentlemen to the state's for cabinet making. A competition we had never entered before. Besides my plumbing team I also coached those guys. They finished Gold and Silver. So.......when you look at the youth of today with despair and mistrust, rest assured that there are still some pretty darn good kids out there.
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    I participated in a VICA trade competition when I was in high school. I went not knowing what to expect. I thought I was going to be competeing against other high school students......it ended up I was competeing against grown men in trade school. One guy had tatoos and long hair.......another guy had a wife a kid. The wife and kid bkew my mind. I was 16 and these guys were 20 somthings.

    I was slower but I did manage to finish. Everything was dry fit and I screwed up trying to make the proper cuts.....the other guys cut it just so it all stayed together. I didn't know any better. OH it was to rough in a bathroom on piers with water and drain.

    I remember it feeling cool to be going to a plumbing competition.......I agree it is inspiring to participate in those things.

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    That is Very Cool. Congratulations.

    My Son won Silver in the Texas Skills USA last year in Culinary arts.

    I was proud of him for winning that. Ended up getting a scholarship.

    This Year he is in Collage taking Computer Networking and got a job at the Collage, Go figure.

    I think he realized that he could make a lot more money in Computers than Cooking.

    At least he will make a good husband for his wife when he does get married. Many girls can not cook.

    Way to go.

    Have a Great Friday the 13th.
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