I had some ancient (well, probably 1970's) pump controller on a 3/4hp single phase 230v pump at a depth of 300ft with a nominal water lever at about 125 feet. It pumped a ton of water. Not sure about gpm, but I would fill a 5 gallon bucket at the hydrant in about a minute. Shower pressure, hose pressure, etc were all well above adequate.

That was yesterday. That ancient controller bailed on me, and I happened to have a "Franklin 2801084915 Control box" that some moron well drillers that I hired once to "update" my well system had put on. At the time I had the well pipe, pump, wire and controller replaced. All seemed good except the pressure was crap. I was going to call another well service company because these guys were, as I mentioned, morons... but instead I tried putting the old controller on. It worked fine, so I left it.

Now, the Franklin gives me (seriously) about a gallon ever 5 minutes.

Anyway, what controller should I buy to get this thing working again?