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Hi Gents,

I would greatly appreciate yo advice here.

I am looking to purchase a twin tank system to get a continuous flow of soft water.

One thing I am really interested in is to set up a twin system in a way that regeneration happens at night rather then immediately, but tank swap to be immediate as soon as one tank is exhausted.
I want this to avoid pressure drop if regeneration happens during a day. But I need a switch happens immediately to always have soft water.
Exhausted tank must pass control to a new tank immediately but must wait till night to start regeneration.

Kinetico twin systems regenerate immediately and cause pressure drop.

I started looking into culligan twin units where it is possible to set up time when regeneration happens.
However, I do not understand whether it is both swap and regeneration happens at a preset time or Exhausted tank passes control to a new tank immediately but waits for preset time to regenerate (what I want).
culligan sale reps are confused here and tell different things.

Please advise.

Thank you

/ John
Yes Kinetico and all other regular twins have a pressure loss and reduced flow rate when they regenerate a tank.

Reading the above and the rest of your posts in the thread, I think you may want to look into a Clack Alternating twin using two regular softeners. It can delay regeneration as you want and you can get the no hard water by pass. The system has been on the market for a number of years.

Here is a bit of information on it is done.Name:  clacktwin.jpg
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