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Thread: Question on replacing old pipe under house slab

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    Unhappy Question on replacing old pipe under house slab

    I'm in the process of purchasing a house and just had a plumbing inspection that involved running a camera through the existing pipe. It was determined that I have several breaks in the old cast iron pipes (45 yrs old).

    The recommendation is to excavate under the slab and replace most if not all of the existing pipe (40' tunnel with 40' hard dig added in to the job).

    My question - should I have any worries about the slab or foundation during this process? My take is that any additional load on the slab due to this tunnel will still be handled by the overall structure and I shouldn't be concerned. Am I right and is there anything else I should worry or ask about?

    Thanks in advance for helping a engineering/plumbing challenged person!


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    Default slab

    Probably nothing to worry about since many slabs are not even resting on the dirt under them due to compaction and settling.

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    Thanks much for the reply - hadn't even thought about that!

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    I'm assume that's 40 ' long? I don't understand "40' hard dig added in to the job"
    It would be good to know the dimensions of the slab, how thick and whether it is reinforced. Also, good to know is width and depth of the tunnel. Is this a tunnel that a person will be entering? If so, are the walls supported against collapse. Better safe than sorry! Without more info I wouldn't venture a guess.


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