Hey everyone,

As part of my bath remodel I am installing a new jacuzzi tub and heater and understand that they need to be properly grounded and bonded with a 8 AWG solid copper conductor. Having pulled up the subfloor to plumb the new tub, I noticed a solid copper line running under the floor. As far as I can tell, this copper line is clamped to an outside galvinized pipe running into the ground and into the house and the copper line runs from there through the house over to the main panel. Assuming this is the grounding wire, could I connect the 8 AWG solid copper conductor from the tub motor and heater to the grounding wire and be good?

P.S. I noticed that I don't have a bonding wire that connects to the pipes around the water heater or anywhere else as far as I can see. Is this something I need to have fixed or does the grounding wire being connected to the galvinized pipe take care of this issue?

Thanks everyone for the help!