My brother in law used our barn for a short period of time and he had elec. service ran to it. He did the minimum to pass code(here in tn it is one light,one switch and one receptacle,all in conduit)I believe.Anyway, now he is gone and he removed his meter box,breaker panel,etc and put it in his new location.After he got his 1st inspection passed,he just went splice crazy and ran wire everywhere,and now I am stuck with having to remove it just to repass inspection.Here is the question,what do I need to buy in terms of meter base,breaker panel,etc. to get maybe 5 receptacles,4 lights and a few switches.I will probably just put a camper in there for now,so need enough juice to power it,and some outdoor lighting.
Will this work. I am no electrician ,just want to make sure I get the electrician the rite stuff the 1st time. Thanks Scott