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Thread: Replacing copper lines in slab

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    Default Replacing copper lines in slab

    I've inherited a 23 yo wood frame house with copper water tubing supplying the plumbing in the house built in the slab. Nasty well water for years has corroded the copper piping in several places, which I have repaired, of course knowing it is only a matter of time when it will all have to be replaced. Well, lucky me.. I believe that time has come. I have a very warm spot in the tile kitchen floor near the door to the patio which I suspect is a ruptured line in the slab. Also, the cold water from the kitchen faucet is initially very warm. What is involed in replumbing a slab house?

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    You don't really replace them in the slab, most of the time you find other avenues to place them.

    I've seen them run below the ceilings, boxed out.
    And I've seen them in attics.

    If the repipe is in the attic, special attention should be placed on the insulation.
    In cold climates, I don't like any insulation between the warm areas of the home and the pipe.

    I lay a blanket of insulation over the pipes to trap the warmth coming up through the ceiling.

    I don't believe in pipe wrap for prevention.

    I've repaired many a pipe that had "pipe" insulation.

    PEX can be a good product for repiping.



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